Drawing Ironman (inverted art)


  • Faber Castell classic
  • 12×15 white board
  • ~4 hours

Drawing Emma Watson

14124438_1358471330837665_5727251927629538243_oThis is one of my favorite drawings. One of the first drawings I made with Prismacolr premier colored pencils. Look how new my pencils are on this photo haha. Took me 4 nights to finish, roughly around 12 hours.

I made a good progress on this one but I didn’t finish, same with some of my other drawings 😀

Drawing my friend’s son with colored pencils


Here’s another portrait drawing. This time I used two awesome pencils, Faber castell and Prismacolor Premier. Faber Castell is already a very nice pencil, I used that on my Ed Sheeran drawing, but Prismas are just so great I use them now more often than FCs. My only problem with Prismacolor pencils is the fact that they are made of soft wax which tends to break more easily than other pencils.

Here are pictures of the work in progress.

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Drawing Ed Sheeran with Colored Pencils

Ed Sheeran pencil drawing

I made this drawing in February of 2016. I remember drawing this just to try out my newly bought Faber Castell colored pencils. It was a a very nice pencil, easy to blend and doesn’t break easily. It took me a couple of hours drawing Ed but I eventually got too sleepy and went straight to bed, didn’t bother to finish the drawing until today haha

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