Drawing Ironman (inverted art)


  • Faber Castell classic
  • 12×15 white board
  • ~4 hours

Drawing Daenerys (Video)

Here’s the video of my Daenerys drawing with Procreate app. I didn’t know the app records while I’m drawing lol. I’m a total beginner with this medium, obviously haha. Enjoy the video and please like, share, or comment. Thanks!

Drawing Daenerys (Digital Art)

20247642_1800719456612848_8802694368743957747_oHey guys, this is my first digital art. I made this with Procreate app in my Ipad Pro. I’m a GoT fan so I decided to draw Daenerys.

This took me ~5hrs to finish. The “jcgm” signature is my name initials. Feel free to like and share. Thanks!

Drawing Liza Soberrano with White Pencil

14700873_1425887964096001_187779806981008548_oHey guys, here’s a throwback piece from a year ago. This is a portrait drawing of Liza, a famous celebrity in the Philippines. I used a white Carbothello chalk pencil on almost the entire drawing and added a little bit of dark tones with a gray chalk pencil. The chalk pencil is so soft which makes it very easy to smudge and create a smooth texture on a black paper. The hair and eyebrows were achieved using a kneaded eraser. I hope you like it, feel free to comment and share.

Drawing my friend’s son with colored pencils


Here’s another portrait drawing. This time I used two awesome pencils, Faber castell and Prismacolor Premier. Faber Castell is already a very nice pencil, I used that on my Ed Sheeran drawing, but Prismas are just so great I use them now more often than FCs. My only problem with Prismacolor pencils is the fact that they are made of soft wax which tends to break more easily than other pencils.

Here are pictures of the work in progress.

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Drawing Ed Sheeran with Colored Pencils

Ed Sheeran pencil drawing

I made this drawing in February of 2016. I remember drawing this just to try out my newly bought Faber Castell colored pencils. It was a a very nice pencil, easy to blend and doesn’t break easily. It took me a couple of hours drawing Ed but I eventually got too sleepy and went straight to bed, didn’t bother to finish the drawing until today haha

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